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5 Tips to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

You put so much effort into your marketing emails and want them to be read by as many - and the right - people as possible? But where can you find these newsletter subscribers?

Many email marketing managers are faced with this challenge. To give you a little inspiration, we've put together some tips & tricks on how you can get more, and most importantly, the right newsletter subscribers.


Read our 5 tips on where to find the right people for your email marketing!

1. Website / Blog

The easiest way to gain email subscribers is to find them where they are anyway: on your website or blog.

Registration options should not only be available in the usual places (like footer or homepage), but also unexpectedly in quite surprising places such as the 404 page, through an exit pop-up, in the banner slider, the main navigation or as a CTA in the content of different pages . This generates attention - and as a result, new newsletter subscriptions.

Tip 1: Use as many surprising subscription options as possible - preferably on each page. And vary the subscription forms from time to time to surprise again and again


2. Online Shop

Similar to the website, your online shop offers numerous opportunities to get new – and the right - newsletter subscribers. In addition to the classic registration options (like during the checkout), we recommend you to surprise your shop visitors with subscription places like:

  • Thank you page after purchase
  • Product detail pages
  • Pages where the product is temporarily not available

Tip 2: People who visit your online shop are interested in your products - and therefore the ideal target group for your email marketing. Use this opportunity.


3. Facebook Lead Ads

Design Facebook Leads Ads that act as perfect lead generation forms for your email marketing. If Facebook users want to subscribe to your email marketing, the lead ads will direct them to a pre-filled registration form directly in Facebook instead of to an external registration page. Through the Consultix Facebook Lead Ad Connector, Facebook synchs the submitted profile information directly to ProCampaign®.

Tip 3: Use Facebook’s extensive targeting options to precisely define the target group your Facebook Lead Ad should be displayed to: e.g. age, interests or hobbies.


4. Sweepstakes

Offline and online sweepstakes are a perfect and very popular way to draw attention to your brand or company. Since people usually have to fill out a form to participate in this type of campaign, the participation form is an ideal opportunity to generate more email subscribers.

Tip 4: The possibility of registering for the newsletter allows you to quickly distinguish between those who are really interested in your brand or products and those who are only interested in the prize of the competition.


5. Other Channels

There are plenty of other touchpoints through which you get in contact with a (potential) customer. Use them to inform about the advantages of your email marketing and to attract more newsletter subscribers.

Tip 5: Why not place a tablet in your online store and allow customers to easily register for the newsletter? Or ask a customer directly after a successful conversation with your customer service? Or use social media to promote your newsletter? The possibilities are endless.


With all these options, the needs of your customers must be taken into account. Communicate to your future newsletter subscribers what they can expect from the registration and what the advantages are. These do not necessarily have to be of a monetary nature.

You want more inspiration? Then read our 5 steps to build a powerful customer database!

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Sebastian Meissner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification

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