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Customer Data consolidated in 360° view

Digital marketing doesn't work without data. How can a newsletter be sent if no e-mail address is stored in a distribution list? How are loyalty points to be collected if there is no central profile?

A secure foundation is the most important thing. That means the data must be stored securely and in usable profiles. The profiles allow not only newsletter sending, but contacts on all channels, such as print, SMS, websites engagement and much more. Additionally, all kinds of analysis and reporting can be done automatically. An unknown mass becomes clearly defined target groups with individual needs, interests and preferences. 

ProCampaign® has some unique features that make profile management in fact very special, extensive and easy.


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We help you build customer profiles and improve the performance of your digital marketing.

The One Profile View

In the ProCampaign® Profile view, all additional information such as reviews, orders, bookings and loyalty accounts are clearly displayed. All data is clearly sorted next to the profile history. 

In the review tab you can see the submitted ratings. The general mood of a customer can be recognized.
In the order tab, all made purchases are listed. This information helps to determine the Costumer Lifetime Value.
The booking tab shows an overview of all appointments or room bookings. Additional bookings are also displayed there.
The loyalty tab displays everything related to the topic of loyalty programs. Current point balances and similar information are also displayed.

All the data can of course also be automatically inserted into the customer communication in order to send out personalized information.

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Selections for every occasion


Your customers are not a homogeneous mass and your marketing is not just one campaign.

For this reason, ProCampaign offers the possibility to create selections according to your wishes and needs. Your newsletter distribution list, your online store customers or participants in the sweepstakes only receive the communication to which they have consented.

Selections offer the possibility to define target groups and send them tailored content. Not only can individual interests be taken into account in the content, but also the position on the customer journey.

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GDPR compliant permission management and data storage

At first glance, the GDPR seems like a huge obstacle for marketing. But thanks to ProCampaign®, the law loses its terror.

Thanks to our own infrastructure in Germany, all data protection and security requirements are met. The focus has been awarded by various bodies, including the EuroPriSe seal.

In the profiles, an important aspect is permission management. Not only are all the consents of the leads and customers stored there, but also the associated legal texts. Profiles are only created after the double opt-in e-mail has been confirmed. In combination with the selections, this ensures that only legally compliant communication takes place.

Thanks to ProCampaign®, no one has to worry about legal requirements anymore. All data protection officers are grateful for ProCampaign®.

You don't have to give up anything in marketing despite data protection.

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More customer loyalty thanks to the Preference Center

The Preference Center allows customers to view and edit their own data. In addition, they can view their orders, bookings or loyalty points here.

Preferences for the newsletter or for the communication can be adjusted at any time in an uncomplicated way. Data sovereignty remains in the hands of the customers and maximum transparency is created. This noticeably increases customer trust.

Surveys or product tests can be used to find out more about the customers' preferences. Additional profile points can be set up in the Preference Center to get to know the customers better.

Due to the connection with all used systems, the ProCampaign® profiles, together with Permission Management and the Preference Center, create a single source of truth. The time of data silos is finally over.

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Multivariable testing

For LLOYD, ProCampaign is a comprehensive e-mail marketing tool that can certainly keep up with the solutions of the "big players" on the market and also presents a vision of how to link the online world with stationary retail.

Christin Susann Bugrahan, Online Marketing Manager at LLOYD Shoes

ProCampaign proves again that a privacy-compliant use of CRM systems is possible

Sebastian Meissner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification

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