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Creamy customer approach with individual topping

How MILRAM gets to know newsletter subscribers thanks to ProCampaign®.




Customers have never been as willing to switch as they are today. Brand loyalty is sinking to an all-time low, and Corona has reinforced the trend toward altered purchasing behaviors. The right customer approach is therefore all the more important: individual needs must be nurtured and taken seriously.

Tips for everyday life, creating content with real added value - without crossing the creepy line. That's what marketing has to do today to retain customers and convince potential new customers.

MILRAM is a brand with a long tradition that uses digitally tailored approaches. In order to stand out against the growing competition from manufacturers of dairy products and suppliers of vegetarian and vegan products and to offer customers ever new incentives to buy, the main brand DMK relies on automated and individualized newsletters with ProCampaign®. The company attaches great importance to data protection.




  • Customer Data Platform / build 360-degree profiles
  • Permission-Management
  • Form connection
  • Marketing-Automation
  • Winner draw
  • Newsletter & Sending
  • Professional Service

Milram / DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH

Milram / DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH


The goal is to provide comprehensive support in the area of brand loyalty and newsletter marketing.

To control individualized communication, MILRAM uses ProCampaign® to map central 360-degree consumer profiles, including the necessary and GDPR-compliant permission management (Customer Data Platform).

Every newsletter subscription and participation is stored in a central consumer profile accordingly. Necessary consent texts and conditions of participation are created and stored in ProCampaign® and played out on the campaign website.

Newsletter forms on the website and campaign websites are directly linked to ProCampaign® or are created and made live via the ProCampaign® Landigpage Editor. DOI management is mapped generically via ProCampaign® workflows and lists. Emails are built by the MILRAM team in the ProCampaign® Email Editor and sent via ProCampaign®.

In a sweepstakes scenario, participant information is automatically sent via email, eligible entries are validated and winners are automatically determined by ProCampaign®, including winner notification via email.




MILRAM - The digital brand

MILRAM has been gradually expanding its digital strategy since 2019. Magnus Voss and his three-person digital team in the Brand business unit are responsible for the digital strategies and are ambitiously moving forward.

„We have made our recipes shopable on Users can add our recipes online to their shopping carts at Amazon Fresh or Rewe digital and then buy the products directly through them. We are aware that online grocery shopping is becoming more and more relevant. In the next 20 years, major suppliers will probably be driving through cities with an automated vehicle to bring the groceries to the customers.“

Magnus Voss, Team Lead Digital Marketing BU Brand at DMK

Future-oriented strategies are being pursued by Voss in every marketing direction. Email marketing is a significant factor in this. ProCampaign® has always supported it.

Strategic e-mail offensive

No efficient newsletter campaign without a high-quality data basis. To sharpen existing customer profiles and give customers the opportunity to provide information themselves, MILRAM started with a survey module.

In a six-month newsletter series, MILRAM played out all recipe, product categories, and topics from its in-house fresh food blog in newsletters.

In addition, the team placed a question in each mail sent to recipients to enrich the respective customer profiles. Among other things, they were asked about their favorite product category, recipe preferences, the intended use of the products they purchased, and their interest in contests. A hyperlink took users to a settings page where they could answer the respective questions.

After each newsletter, the users are resegmented. The following newsletters were then played out according to the personal profile weighting. Topic A, B or C was at the top of the newsletter.

„The chance to participate in the survey will continue to receive all subscribers in the first mail after registration as a strategic welcome series", said Magnus Voss



Magnus Voss, Team Lead Digital Marketing BU Brand at DMK

„It's a great module that allows users to individualize their newsletters. This is very valuable for us." The goal: to gradually add data to each profile to make subsequent newsletters even more targeted and individualized."



The Milram WOW Challenge

The Milram Protein WOW Campaign (to the current cashback campaign) as a current case: Consumers vote for their favorite influencer recipes to enter the sweepstake. In addition, they can sign up for the Protein Wow Week and the newsletter. By clicking on the CTA "Start Protein Wow Week", they will receive content individually tailored to their dietary habits with links to meal plans for 1 week. All participant data is stored in the ProCampaign Hub in compliance with data protection laws. 





ProCampaign® - The tool to the newsletter and sweepstakes

This strategy is based on centered, data protection-compliant data enrichment, customer loyalty focus, and agile campaign planning. Automation as well as customer profile transparency through the ProCampaign® marketing tool enables individual content and dispatch - according to GDPR-compliant standards. Segmentation options, diverse orchestration, and multivariate analysis and optimization functions have a lasting effect on customer loyalty. The drag-and-drop email editor in particular facilitates the work of the Digital Team Brand by filling intuitively designed templates with text and image material, animated GIFs, videos, product data, and ratings as desired.

„We want to qualify our digital clones," Voss explains. "That means we want to know: Who is interested in us? Who participates in sweepstakes? Who buys our products? Who gives feedback, who looks at our content? In this way, we want to adapt our digital profiles as closely as possible to the real customer. All of this, of course, in the context of the GDPR." Magnus Voss, Team Lead Digital Marketing BU Brand at DMK"



ProCampaign®  - Module overview

As of 01/2022

 ProCampaign Modulübersicht





Consumer data - protected as never before

Every successful campaign starts with the written consent of the addressee. Following this core statement, ProCampaign® Permission Text Management offers legally compliant management of all permission and legal texts. Thus, for each customer profile, the temporary version of the consent that the customer has given is available in the hub. MILRAM uses Permission Management in the corresponding menu items under the newsletter registration masks. „ProCampaign® sets data protection very high."

The Marketing Cloud bears the renowned European EuroPriSe seal as well as the ULD DSGVO data protection seal. The solution is also ISO 27001 certified and looks back on 20 years of expertise in terms of development competence and data protection. The data fort Knox is located in a former nuclear bunker in Bremen, Germany.

Magnus Voss expresses loyalty to data protection: "The fact that their servers are located in a bunker that runs on green electricity from geothermal energy fits in super with the philosophy of the DMK Group. This reflects the common goals of ProCampaign and DMK."

The North sticks together

As the main brand of DMK Deutsches Milchkontor, MILRAM has always stood for regional products with consistent quality. ProCampaign also feels a strong connection to Bremen an its surroundings. Both partners advocate local cooperation and regional management. "We support regional projects, schools and associations, and the togetherness of companies based in the north is also important to us.

After all, we have to promote our regions together," says Jörn Bittner, senior consultant at ProCampaign®, in favor of the value-based collaboration. Service is a point of honor with Nordic connections. Project managers and members of the digital team stand by each other and have a listening ear for their partners.




MILRAM uses the data collected from the newsletters in various ways as part of the consent process, for example to address customers via social media. The use already takes place on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. In the newsletter, I click on cheese that interests me and then I receive content in my social media feed that goes with it." The individual customer approach via newsletter marketing with ProCampaign® thus not only attracts the attention of customers, but also qualifies profiles to get to know the person behind them better. "I appreciate the tool as an effective newsletter solution with corresponding qualification of the data sets and individualization of the content," Voss states.

Email marketing continues to be the most important and efficient digital brand management tool. No channel connects the consumer more individually and more sustainably with the brand. The top priority is to understand the consumer and to provide the right answers even to questions that are not asked. The motto is: Meet people where they are and accompany them to the place where both sides achieve maximum value!

Automated marketing tools support this process and help with the strategic realignment of digital marketing.



  • Centralized customer profiles across all channels
  • GDPR Permission Management
  • Connects all transaction data (e.g. POS and store) with the customer profile in real time
  • Personalized and individualized e-mail and SMS campaigns (push for logon areas)
  • Logon management SSO (OAuth2.0)
  • Loyalty campaigns (e.g. sweepstakes, bonus, cashback)

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For LLOYD, ProCampaign is a comprehensive e-mail marketing tool that can certainly keep up with the solutions of the "big players" on the market and also presents a vision of how to link the online world with stationary retail.

Christin Susann Bugrahan, Online Marketing Manager at LLOYD Shoes

ProCampaign proves again that a privacy-compliant use of CRM systems is possible

Sebastian Meissner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification

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