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Omni-channel promotion system for ProCampaign®.

From summer 2022, ProCampaign® will offer an optional omni-channel promotion system.
Up to now, ProCampaign® users could already manage codes imported into ProCampaign® in code groups and automatically play them out in newsletters.

Starting in September, the promotion system will allow you to generate, manage, validate and send codes for coupons and discounts directly with ProCampaign®. You don't need any other third party system for the handling and execution of codes promotion campaigns.


We asked Alex (CTO) and Katharina (CRM Innovation Manager) 5 questions about the new release:


Nowadays, every webshop offers a more or less comfortable promotion system. Why does ProCampaign® need its own?

That is correct. But the systems integrated into the respective store solution are not omni-channel capable. They only work locally within the respective store.

If a brand wants to offer its customers cross-channel promotions, this is usually not possible. The coupon then only works in the web store, not in the flagship stores downtown. Or the code can be redeemed twice by the consumer.

This gave rise to the idea of implementing a promotion system outside the stores globally. For example, a coupon can certainly only be redeemed once, regardless of which channel the consumer chooses.

And ProCampaign® covers a lot of use cases that a normal standard store promotion system cannot do at all.


This is a good transition to the next question. What kind of promotions can the ProCampaign® promotion system do?

In principle, any discount promotion is possible. Discounts can be based on absolute amounts ("5 € discount") or percentages. Free shipping is also possible. There can be general promotions with public promotion code, such as 10% discount when entering "SUMMER2022" or complex promotions with graduated values depending on sales.

For example, 50 EURO discount on the purchase of a certain product for sales below 150 EURO and 75 EURO discount for sales above that.
And the target group can be limited: For example, I can distribute the coupon only to loyalty card holders.


What kind of codes can ProCampaign® generate?

ProCampaign® offers an integrated code generator that can generate unique codes for vouchers according to almost any specifications and assign them to individual profiles. For example, a 5€ gift voucher can be generated individually for birthday children, which can only be redeemed by the recipient.
External codes can also be imported. For example, codes for shopping on popular marketplaces.

And of course the classic global public code ("SOMMER2022" or similar) is also possible.
And the codes can then be sent directly to the recipient via emails or other channels using the ProCampaign® Content Module, or printed as barcodes on any carrier.


What are the requirements for using the promotion system?

In principle, you can get started right away. However, you want to apply the promotions to purchases. For this purpose, your own web store or the checkout system of the store should be connected. A connection brings many more advantages, because every purchase can then flow directly into the user journey and be used for communication.


What is special about the promotion system with ProCampaign®?

The promotion system is omni-channel. Promotions can be carried out across the board in the web store and in retail. There are practically no limits to the design of the promotions. No matter for which customer group, channel or product, a suitable promotion can be created.

Of course, the usual definitions are available: Sales amount, product categories, with or without code, redemption frequency, etc. Or even something like this: only the first 100 orders can enjoy the discount. But the product really stands out when it is linked to a loyalty system.

There are many more advantages. I can integrate the loyalty system into my promotions: For example, loyalty card holders receive extra points on the purchase of an offered product. Or they can even pay directly with points.


So the promotion system for ProCampaign® is a pretty well-rounded thing. Are there any other innovations for ProCampaign® users in Summer Release 2022?

Yes of course, we are constantly working on optimizing the user experience and new features. In this release, there is optimization in newsletter creation:

  • There is a new button for creating and duplicating newsletters in the overview.
  • In the overview you can also see current information about the newsletter.
  • In the profiles there is now a new contact attribute.

More info about these changes can be found here.

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For LLOYD, ProCampaign is a comprehensive e-mail marketing tool that can certainly keep up with the solutions of the "big players" on the market and also presents a vision of how to link the online world with stationary retail.

Christin Susann Bugrahan, Online Marketing Manager at LLOYD Shoes

ProCampaign proves again that a privacy-compliant use of CRM systems is possible

Sebastian Meissner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification

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